Guided Prayer Journal for Moms Raising Teen Sons: 21 Days Scripture, Declarations, & Guided Prayer Journal includes daily prayer topics and journaling prompts to guide you as you walk with God in prayer for your son.


The 21 days are organized topically and include: God's Favor • God's Protection • Generational Blessing • Overcoming Anxiety & Depression • Godly Wisdom and Discernment • Strong Faith • Fear • Anger • Love • Procrastination • Spirit of Addiction • Generational Curses


A perfect companion for the yearly Daniel's Fast, this 21-day journal features:


A generous 8 x 10 trim size with plenty of space to write an entire blank page dedicated to your son where you can organize a picture collage and make it personal each day includes:


Scripture - An inspiring bible verse to the topic of the day which can be used as a tool to help you reflect on the word of God daily.


Daily Declarations - A scripturally based daily declaration that you can declare out loud over your son's life and future.Prayer - A short guided daily prayer for you to pray that reflects the topic of the day.


Journal - 3/4 page to journal your thoughts and prayers to your son. This section can be used to share your love for your son, journal messages to him for future reading, leave a prayer legacy to your son. Once you are done with this journal, you can gift it to your son at the appropriate time and he will know that you have covered him in prayer.

21 Day Journal for Moms Raising Sons